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Emotions of the Heart and Soul
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. . falling . . .
1.Was lost for a while,
In a lonely place,
With no hope of life,
No joy or desire.
Poisons clouded my brain,
They'd tear me apart,
I'd bleed myself dry,
I was burning in fire.
And then i found you babe,
piece of heaven on earth,
All sweetness n light,
and a heart for hire.
Take my hand,
for I am falling blind,
bring me home,
bring me home...
And know how I feel
Know what I want
Know whats to be
Me O Me..
And know whats to love
Know whats to give
Know whats to die
And know whats to live..
2.Not a penny to give,
No fancy limousine,
No penthouse place,
Just a loving heart
I sold my dreams,
Got you jewels and rings,
So i could keep you near,
And then you threw me away
Still i keep coming back,
Like a junkie on drugs,
For your kiss on my lips,
Some kinda fatal desire
3.Do you know how it feels,
when I look in your Eyes,
and realize oh how,
I've lost it all..
Fallen from life,
Fallen from grace,
hopes and desires,
I've burnt them all.
Burn your heart,
Burn Your Soul,
And yo
:iconrnihilist:Rnihilist 4 0
Son Of Man tribute by Rnihilist Son Of Man tribute :iconrnihilist:Rnihilist 0 1
Object of adoration
Cure to my condition
Cant bear no separation
No love's dislocation
The perfect addiction
Smile like a benediction
Those looks of affection
Drive me to distraction
Distant in our location
But close in affection
Only truth, no fiction
Deep, dear conviction
Oh, the conversation,
Gives me a fixation
Not my imagination
Fear no admonition
Pay you 24/7 attention
Have not one objection
No thought of dejection
We have a connection
Always our association
Cause for jubilation
Hope this relation
Has no annihilation . . .
:iconrnihilist:Rnihilist 6 8
Of despair, of hope..
Where have all the flowers gone?
Where the love, the life,
The cherished solace of your embrace,
That I felt not so long ago?
Oh where? Oh where?
Young I was, and so in love with you,
Completely, unwaveringly.
The days were full of joy and hope,
Fragrant nights of memories,
Times that we spent together.
The way you smiled, the way you spoke,
the way you glanced
at me through the corners of your eyes.
Your love was my asylum,
In a world that I did not care for.
For what does a man want of his life
But somebody to understand him.
A kind word, a hug that said
You cared, you'd stay,
And together we shall win the day.
Oh but a vanished idyll now, alas,
Such are the ways of fate.
Of all the dreams, all that remains is a sigh,
And for all the promises,
You never knew when we died.
Every longest night has a dawning day,
Every darkest cloud has a shiny ray.
Ah, while there is life there is hope,
Hope, for tomorrow.
Hope I shall too, ask not why..
:iconrnihilist:Rnihilist 8 2
Journey's End
And now I've reached the end of the line,
My weary feet will not trudge on.
For all these years they've stood by me,
This is our final stretch together.
The endless road stretches before me,
But I dare look ahead no more.
Always drawing you on, never getting near,
The horizon is only a fool's hope.
All around, these sights, these sounds,
Sensuous delightful jewels.
Not for me, they hold no charm anymore,
Nothing matters but journey's end.
And what have I to show the world as mine,
Remains of the life gone by,
The things that measure a lifetime's worth.
All that I am, is YOUR memory..
:iconrnihilist:Rnihilist 7 5
I, Lucifer.
I, Lucifer.
You promised me heaven to come,
Said I was your favourite son,
Hallowed your name's become,
never put you second to none.
So why am I forsaken,
My wings are torn and and gone.
Twisted and wicked ways,
Are claiming me as theirs.
For a thousand years I've prayed,
Always tread the path you paved,
But now the world has changed,
From me your eyes have fled,
And I'm just a holy,
A holy fool.
:iconrnihilist:Rnihilist 8 3
Nostalgia : Epic Fail
A dust-devil rises up
From lanes once strolled
Hand-in-hand, in bliss
Bliss of love extolled
The seat of the park-bench
Where we left our mark
Two names, and a heart
Now seats not one lark
That pavement cafe
With the accordion player
Where she loved to sit
As i toyed with her hair
Spring's given way to fall
N darkness comes early
People rushing home
To loved ones, not me
Maybe just a fool's advice
Take care of your own
Cause one day they're here
Next day they're gone..
:iconrnihilist:Rnihilist 10 0
A one-line story
in a one-page book,
  A one-armed bandit
   in a one-stop store,
    A one-trick pony
     in a one-horse town,
      A one-night stand
       in a one-reel film,
        A one-eyed beggar
         on a one-way street,
          A one-way ticket
           to a no-man's land..
:iconrnihilist:Rnihilist 7 10



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